ATD1 Backpack: 4th run's production update

These have been busy weeks, all raw materials are now in the workshop and ATD1 Backpack production is running on schedule.


The main updates compared to the last run are:
- All handles will be made out of mil-spec, alpine grade tubular webbing instead of fabric. We'll keep the same Evazote in them as padding, but changing the outside material will make them way more tough.
- Longer top handle: this was often required by early users and we added some length to it. It will still be low profile, but carry comfort will benefit from this change
- All sipper pulls will be made out of paracord instead of 10mm webbing: this way you can change them and easily customize your pack if you want to.



All fabrics and trimmings are now cut and ready to be assembled, sewing operations already started with the front panels being sewn right now.
Most unpredictable issues are related to materials supply, so we should be out of risk and shipping is expected to be on the first week of June.
As always, if something makes it slide one week away, we'll keep you guys posted.

Atd1 backpack

So, if you are among the ones who already preordered the ATD1, start planning some trip to put it at use.
If you were still on the fence, click fast because X21 packs are almost sold out and Cordura® ones are selling fast too: don't miss the chance to have yours before summer!



27/05/2021 - Author's Note.
unfortunately our 
manufacturing partner had two COVID cases within his workforce and this is now reduced, so we are experiencing a delay: shipping is booked for July 1st, for all orders including one or more of the following products:
- ATD1 Backpack (both versions)
- ATD Padded belt
- Fidlock Sternum strap
This is not pleasant news to hear, not it is a pleasant one to give, but it is completely out of our direct control. We strive to offer the best product and service available and it will be my care to keep you posted and up to date.
Thank you in advance for your patience and comprehension.