Preorders open on ARB Tote, ASP slings pouches and AFP Pouches

After receiving a lot of messages asking us to bring back in stock our ARB tote bag, ASP slings pouches and AFP Pouches, i'm happy to announce that preorders are now open, with shipping expected in December for the pouches and January for the tote.

Pics of the new versions will come soon, but here's what changed from the first version we made back in 2021:

- X-pac X21 is replaced by Ecopak® EPLX200, a waterproof laminate of 200d fabric, X Ply net and RUV film, all made out of 100% post consumer recycled textured Polyester. The X Ply is thinner than the one on X-pac and will reduce abrasion spots and the only aesthetic difference is that the bags will have the distinct Ecopak square x-ply pattern instead of X-pac rhomboidal one.

- Lining Fabric: 210d HT Nylon oxford is replaced with RBC®200, a 200d plain wave, post consumer recycled Polyester, PU coated and impregnated with eco-friendly C0 DWR treatment.

- ARB Tote and ASP Sling pouches will feature the new, smaller, ATD ebroidery that can be found on the last run of ATD1 packs, for a more refined look

- ARB Tote will feature a quick access zipper on the back panel, at the base of the roll top, to help getting in the main compartment without unrolling the top.

AFP Pouch

If you were after our ARB tote bagASP slings pouches or AFP Pouches, or if you want to try our smaller products, you can now reserve yours!