ATD Supply wishes you a great 2020

2019 has been an amazing year.

We delivered our first crowdfunding campaign, launched a second production run that sold out in a couple of months and opened pre-orders for the third run of the ATD1 Backpack to be delivered in the next months. 

ATD1 Backpack

In the meantime, we provided several consultancies, we just delivered our first, soon to be released collaboration (you’ll never guess what is about!) and ATD2 is in early prototyping stage together with some smaller travel accessories.

ATD Supply works slowly, much slower than other companies: this is mainly a one man project and has to share time and funds with private life and day job, but what we achieved this years with your support is a boost to do more in 2020.

We really wish you to achieve your 2020 goals as well.
Thank you for supporting ATD Supply.

Michele Fasano