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If it is only one, it's the ATD1.

What to pack and and how to pack really depends on the destination we are heading to, the weather we are going to meet, the culture we are going to dive in, the activities we are doing, the means of transportations involved and many other variables. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that most frequent travelers tend to develop some fixed bits of kit they carry with them, using them as a base to add destination-specific items.We already talked about packing here, (part 1, 2 and 3), but i just came back from a month around South East Asia for both work and leisure and i carried the updated ATD1 as my only luggage, so i wanted to share some insight about its use and, at the same time, share my packing list hoping...

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ATD1 5th Production Run - A Classic, updated.

It's been a while since the last batch of ATD1 backpacks went sold out, and i receive enquiries almost everyday about a new run. ATD1 is our most important and iconic product. It really is "the one" for one-bag travelers or anyone who want a truly versatile backpack and, in our opinion, It's still the best travel pack around that can perform as EDC too. The ATD1 Backpack was launched in 2018 as the result of years spent traveling, developing soft goods and field-testing them in cities, deserts and forests all over the world. No matter if it's a one bag weekend escape, a long travel or your daily commute, we wanted this backpack to be the ultimate one-bag solution for travel and EDC. ATD1 Backpack is intended...

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Trying to be a greener company.

Let’s be honest: the carry industry is far from being green, and ATD Supply as a company is no exception, using non biodegradable synthetic materials and singularly shipping, almost entirely internationally, most of its products.With a degree in Human Environmental Sciences and years of experience traveling in remote areas, I know what the effects of plastic related pollution are on the environment and the communities living in it. Plus, since I was a teenager, I've always been interested in the complexity of environmental topics and really conscious about what consequences on the environment consumer choices could have. The tall cliffs north of Nam Hinboun river in Laos. Picture taken by the author.That said, when I started making bags, I decided to focus...

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