ATD1 Backpack: Cordura® 500d or X-Pac® VX21?

ATD1 Backpack now comes in two fabric options: for our 3rd production run we decided to play around and experiment using X-Pac® VX21 for a limited amount of packs.

X-Pac® fabrics are laminated products originally developed by Dimension Polyant for sail makers and they became increasingly used in the softgoods industry. VX21 is a solid balance of durability and weight with DWR treated 210D nylon as outer face, polyester X-PLY mesh at 22 degrees in the center, 0.25 mm PET film for water resistance and backed by a 50D Poly taffeta to protect the PET film.

As soon as we opened pre-orders, we were contacted by people asking us what fabric they should have chosen for their pack: here are our thoughts, and some pictures of a custom X-Pac® ATD1 Backpack we made for an early supporter. Production model will have Cordura® bottom and our usual hardware.

Talking about fabrics, Cordura® is the field tested top standard for pack making in the outdoors and military industries and we use the 500d type since it has the perfect balance between abrasion resistance, structure and weight, without being coarse like the 1000d version. 

X-Pac® specs really depend on the outer fabric of choice: VX21 is lighter than Cordura®, really tear-resistant, 100% waterproof and gives tHeracles a very good structure. Plus, it's undeniably cool and "techwear" looking.

Choice comes down to intended use and personal preference: X-Pac® VX21 is better for urban use, bike commuting and light, fast travel where pack is not often loaded to the maximum and abrasion resistance is not a priority. Cordura®, on the other hand, should be chosen for hardcore traveling and tough environments requiring for superior abrasion and puncture resistance or for frequent heavy loads.

Both cases, you'll own an incredibly versatile backpack for your travel and everyday use.