ATD1 - Padded Belt


ATD1 backpack comes with a removable 1' / 25mm hip belt to stabilize the pack during active use, but some of our backers reached out to us asking for an additional full size, padded hip belt to actually bear the load and transfer pack's weight on the hips.

The plan was to work on this belt after ATD1 delivery, but we thought that it would be awesome for those who want it to have it with the pack. So, while the packs are in production at our manufacturing partner facility, we developed a padded hip belt made out of 10mm closed cell Evazote50 and Cordura® 500den, featuring 2' (50mm) webbing and buckle, that fits in ATD1's back panel lumbar loop using the existing webbing belt to attach it and to create tension: the user just has to slide the included belt out of its buckle and slide it into the padded belt ladder locks. 

These are some pics took with a smartphone to show the result:


This padded belt can be added to your ATD1 backpack for 35€: To purchase your belt, just click here and place your order entering FRSHPPNG1 code at checkout.

That's all for now, stay tuned for the upcoming production update!