ATD1 Backpack is successfully funded on Kickstarter!

ATD1 travel and EDC backpack is successfully funded on Kickstarter and now available on Indiegogo

After launching and closing a previous campaign because it was not performing as we wanted, we rolled up our sleeves even more and did it all form the beginning: contact lists, social media, ads, PR pitching, all by ourselves and without any marketing agency behind us.
We launched again and reached 40% in 24h, going over 50% the following days and finally getting funded.

We know it wouldn't have been easy, but 91 people decided to purchase ATD1 making its production real: we did this together.

We want to thank all the people who reviewed, shared, pushed, talked about ATD1 on the internet.
Then, we really want to thank all the people who pledged without rewards to support the project: this was incredibly important, especially at the end of the campaign.
Finally, we want to give a HUGE thank you to those who pre-ordered the pack: we'll do our best to deliver you your ultimate travel and EDC companion.

Remember that ATD1 Backpack is still available HERE...Production updates are coming soon!