ATD1 5th Production Run - A Classic, updated.

ATD1 Backpack

It's been a while since the last batch of ATD1 backpacks went sold out, and i receive enquiries almost everyday about a new run. ATD1 is our most important and iconic product. It really is "the one" for one-bag travelers or anyone who want a truly versatile backpack and, in our opinion, It's still the best travel pack around that can perform as EDC too.

The ATD1 Backpack was launched in 2018 as the result of years spent traveling, developing soft goods and field-testing them in cities, deserts and forests all over the world. No matter if it's a one bag weekend escape, a long travel or your daily commute, we wanted this backpack to be the ultimate one-bag solution for travel and EDC.

ATD1 BackpackATD1 backpack

ATD1 Backpack is intended to be versatile and has a discreet look to blend in any setting. Thanks to its emblematic expandability, it's compact enough for EDC use when compressed and spacious enough for months of one-bag traveling. In other words: travel, work, play, all in one bag
Comfortable to be carried for hours, designed with clever pocketing (enough pockets to store your stuff, not enough to lose it), it is protective from weather or unwanted access while still being accessible for the user. Most importantly, it is built to be durable, therefore it is sustainable and will survive decades of everyday use.

During the last 4 years it has been on 6 continents, ranging from war zones deployments to long term backpacking travels. It was dragged, abused, strapped to motorbikes sides and trucks roofs. In between, it was used as a day pack, for short trips and daily commutes, reporting zero materials and manufacturing fail or any QC issue that could affect use. It has a really low rate of second hand sales on backpacks communities, subreddits and Facebook groups, showing that this is an object users tend to stick to.


A Classic, updated.

Since its first launch in 2018, we did some small changes in materials, construction or branding at each run. Now, at its 5th production run, it has a completely redesigned bottom construction with a less slanted angle and even less stitches facing the ground, angled shoulder straps attachment points to contour even better to human shape and widened distance between shoulder straps and load lifters, making load management even more efficient while allowing also shorter torsos to find it comfortable. Plus, the updated ATD1 Backpack will feature stretch side pockets usable even when the pack is full, roll top stiffenersnew ATD tonal embroidery for an even more subtle branding, aluminium hardware to quickly open compression straps and tunnel for rolling luggage handles. To top all this, we opted for Challenge Sailcloth and their 100% post consumer recycled Polyester fabrics. Outer fabric is Ecopak® EPLX600 a waterproof laminate of texturized 600d fabric, X Ply net and RUV film, while Lining fabric is RBC®200, a 200d, PU coated and eco-friendly C0 DWR treated plain wave. 

What does not change:

  • Designed, developed and made in Italy.
  • Top quality materials and almost paranoid construction. 
  • Stretch parts are double layered to keep them snappy for decades.
  • Flexible 23-55 L / 1220,5 - 3356,3 CuIn volume adapts to your carry needs.
  • Measurements: 50-70cm x 30cm x 26cm - 19,7-27,5in x 12in x 10,2in.
  • The shape maximizes internal space while keeping load close to the back.
  • Expandable Roll top construction, closes either on sides or top.
  • U-shaped zipper on back panel allows for top, side and clamshell opening.
  • Top, sides and bottom handles.
  • less stitches on liner construction to maximize rain resistance.
  • Stretch sleeves keep laptops up to 16 inches suspended from the bottom.
  • Front compartment has its own volume and effective organization.
  • Compression straps for volume flexibility and to carry additional gear.
  • Removable, Lightweight Curv® (self-reinforced polypropylene) frame sheet.
  • Removable ambidextrous sternum strap and hip belt
  • Inner Loops to hang any pouch with PALS. 

Preorders will open on Saturday, January, 28th at 11:00 CET

ATD1 Backpack

Pictures are from a pre-production model, minor changes may occur in final product.