ATD1 is coming back soon, together with some fresh gear.

As every small business, ATD Supply is influenced by personal life and this last year was heavy and life changing for many people around the world. Lots of new challenges, lots of changes, lots of new things to learn and, during the lockdown, lots of time to design new gear and some time to travel and test it. 


We’ve been asked to develop an ecosystem around the ATD1 since its launch.
We know we are slow at dropping new products, and this launch wasn’t different: we wanted to take our time, aiming to create something simple, not overcomplicated, but well thought and with the same “fresh” approach. Afterall, ATD1 has often been referred to as a “league of its own”, so we wanted to try and make the same thing this time.


ATD Supply Packing Cube

We are proud to announce that, together with the 4th production run of our iconical backpack, we’ll be launching four new products (plus some other small items) in a few days.


ATD Supply Roll Top Tote Bag

Packing cubes that don’t add weight but keep some structure, built like a tank and with handles on three sides to pull them out of a pack in seconds; pouches that think they’re sling bags and sometimes even fanny packs, ready to serve the user both hung in their main bag and as a standalone companion; Flat pouches that open wide on two sides and complete your edc organization. Plus, a beautiful and extremely useful Roll top tote bag derived from an old, basic model we sold as leftover in 2019, and were strongly requested to update. Oh, did i mention all this is gonna be made out of Xpac? Now i did!


ATD Sling pouch

We are sure people will forgive us if we will bother them with another small update that will follow as soon as we have a launch date, later this week. 

Stay tuned!