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Let’s talk Packing: what, why, and how to pack for traveling - Part 1/3

The internet is full of packing instructions, hints and hacks, so I have always thought that the world would not need another “how to pack” guide, honestly. That being said, one of the topics we face most while answering the messages that we receive from our customers or from people interested in our products is packing: questions about how we pack the ATD1 Backpack, feedback about how they pack it, requests of suggestions about how to choose a luggage for a certain trip, and the list goes on. So, since ATD Supply makes travel gear developed with a fair share of miles under the belt, I decided to put all those chat and email discussions together, adding my personal notes, and explore how...

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A deeper look at our new range of accessories.

During these last weeks, i was asked why i chose this moment, in the middle of a global pandemic, to drop new accessories (in several sizes) together with a new run of ATD1 backpacks? Wasn't it risky? Yes it was. But it also felt like the right time to widen our offer, the right time to provide people who wanted to approach our company with products that are less expensive than our ATD1 pack, the right time to develop that ecosystem around our main product to make it even more usable. Plus, i had some time to actually work on it, so i saw no reason not to do that I had done pouches before, and packing cubes, and totes, but this time i wanted...

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ATD1 is coming back soon, together with some fresh gear.

As every small business, ATD Supply is influenced by personal life and this last year was heavy and life changing for many people around the world. Lots of new challenges, lots of changes, lots of new things to learn and, during the lockdown, lots of time to design new gear and some time to travel and test it.    We’ve been asked to develop an ecosystem around the ATD1 since its launch. We know we are slow at dropping new products, and this launch wasn’t different: we wanted to take our time, aiming to create something simple, not overcomplicated, but well thought and with the same “fresh” approach. Afterall, ATD1 has often been referred to as a “league of its...

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