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Let’s talk Packing: what, why, and how to pack for traveling - Part 3/3

Before diving back into packing, i wanted to make a little note about these posts cover pictures, since i was asked by a couple readers: first one was taken in the Bolaven Plateau, Laos, while the second one is from Cofete Beach in Fuerte Ventura, Canary Island. This post's one is from the same island, somewhere near Mount Tindaya. All of them were taken by me.The Organization: cubes and pouches, different approaches.Previous part described my travel clothing, EDC setup(s), kits, the container used for them, how I combine them and how I iterate or avoid iterating their content depending on travel length or destination. Let’s see how I pack that into cubes and what are the different approaches I have...

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Let’s talk Packing: what, why, and how to pack for traveling - Part 2/3

Before going back to our topic, i'd like to show you this awesome ATD1 backpack review recently published by by Adam at City Trekker. Apart from our backpack, the channel has unbiased and comprehensive bags and packs reviews, done with knowledge of materials and seasoned with the perfect pinch of irony, so it's definitely worth a look.The Packing List: essential items and travel specific items.If the first part was about luggage choice depending on or regardless of travel specs and expectations, we will now explore its content and go nerdy with lists and kits.  Packing to me is a matter of layers. I start with my on-body EDC, then my EDC pouch, i add necessary kits among the ones I keep prepared (dopp, first aid, medicines,...

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Let’s talk Packing: what, why, and how to pack for traveling - Part 1/3

The internet is full of packing instructions, hints and hacks, so I have always thought that the world would not need another “how to pack” guide, honestly. That being said, one of the topics we face most while answering the messages that we receive from our customers or from people interested in our products is packing: questions about how we pack the ATD1 Backpack, feedback about how they pack it, requests of suggestions about how to choose a luggage for a certain trip, and the list goes on. So, since ATD Supply makes travel gear developed with a fair share of miles under the belt, I decided to put all those chat and email discussions together, adding my personal notes, and explore how...

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