ATD1 Backpack and Padded Belt - 2nd production run: Pre-order is OPEN!

The best part of this whole experience were the tons of great feedback we received about the pack: it’s great to see actual users appreciate its construction and its unique approach to volume expandability versatility.

ATD1 sold out quickly and, since we received lots of enquiries about its restock, we are happy to announce a second production run.
Pre-orders are now open and you can purchase your ATD1 backpack HERE and the belt HERE.

One of the things we pride of is our raw materials acquisition process: we don't have them ordered and stocked by a manufacturing partner as some big brand does, but all of them are collected dealing directly with each suppliers and finally sent to the manufacturing facility (or personally brought there by me, since it’s located in an idyllic area of central Italy!): this is time consuming but it gives us full control on what we receive.

Packs and belts are then carefully crafted batch by batch by two people: we personally laser cut fabrics and heat cut webbing, but still we like to take our time to sew up and deliver the great product we are proud to be known for.

Due to this, it took some time to have a final ETA for ATD1 restock, since different suppliers have different timing to answer to our enquiries and to deliver their products, but we finally have it: ATD1’s second run will be shipped within July, 31st.

Compared with the first run, we just changed a couple things: amongst tons of great feedback received, the few negative ones were only about the webbing being too stiff/coarse to let the straps be adjusted with one hand without some break-in use, so we opted for a smoother and softer one for this run and added a couple triglides to avoid the chance of accidental sliding, trying to constantly improve our product and make it more easily adjustable when worn since day 1.

This is the only noticeable change you’ll see on this run, together with a small vertical bartack to prevent small items from falling from the front compartment's top pocket, a new stretch fabric with same specs than the previous one and a new supplier for 500d Cordura Fabric.

Belt is exactly the same as delivered with the first run

Thank you
Michele Fasano