ATD1 Production Update 2 - Making of the ultimate travel and EDC backpack

Earlier this week our manufacturing partner received almost all materials and here at Attitude Supply we are happy to announce that we started ATD1 Backpack's first production run this week.

In the picture, zippers and hardware can be seen laying in my living room a couple of days after the first update, waiting to be shipped to the manufacturing site.
All the Italian supplied materials (Cordura® Fabric, zippers, Velcro, Evazote and hardware) were delivered on time, so did the German made Curv for frame sheets, while some imported materials had up to three weeks delay: it took more time than expected for our Polish suppliers (lining and webbing) to deliver and USA made Durastretch got stuck at Italian customs longer than we planned. Nevertheless, we feel confident about our production schedule: shipping could be delayed 10-15 days maximum. We know this won't make our backers happy, but it is just a possibility and we are confident that they agree with us taking our time during production without cutting corners, in order to build ATD1 properly.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more production updates in the next weeks. 
Michele Fasano